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Time for STITCH – The New Hygiene Range of Dispensers for Children


A new range of children’s washroom dispensers has been developed by Dudley Industries. The range includes all the necessary products required to kit out children’s washrooms, these dispensers not only look great but are tough and durable in hard working demanding environments.

Manufactured in powder coated yellow, the dispensers include our loveable character STITCH the hedgehog. The STITCH motif will adorn all the dispensers in Dudley’s children range which includes soap, paper towel and a mini jumbo toilet tissue dispenser. All our quality dispensers are manufactured in the UK from stainless steel and finished powder coated. Locks are recessed for a clean stylish finish and all dispensers are easy to clean, maintain and refill.

Hand hygiene habits need to be taught from an early age at home and then reinforced through positive messages in nurseries and primary schools to combat the spread of minor illnesses, such as colds and stomach bugs. STITCH is designed and developed to be attractive to children and promote good hygiene habits and encourage children to wash and dry their hands properly to help prevent the spread of germs.

Teaching material developed around the STICH character is available/may be developed as a class based resource to help teachers reinforce the good hygiene message.

Stitch dispensers will also aid the preservation of Hedgehog’s through a donation from each dispenser sale going to Hedgehog Preservation Societies.



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