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Trailblazing Focus fireplaces


French fireplace manufacturer, Focus, has announced two new additions to its range of DEFRA-approved fires. As pioneers of fireplace innovation, Focus has developed a reputation for pushing boundaries to design environmentally friendly heating solutions. The latest closed fires, Domofocus and Gyrofocus, have been exempted by DEFRA ensuring the highest standards of air quality for fireplaces throughout the UK. This means these fires can now be installed in Smoke Control Areas because they have low particle emissions, making a cleaner environment for all.

Always at the forefront of design innovation, Focus has an exceptional collection of designs suitable for all applications from homes to hotels, for indoors and out and also available in gas and the newly launched zero-emission Holographik range.

These elegant and desirable fireplace designs have long been the go-to for architects and interior designers seeking original, high-quality, handcrafted fires. You don’t have to live in a Smoke Control Area to own a Focus fireplace either, these designs can be installed in any location and building from urban apartments to rural retreats; from self-build projects to renovations, anywhere you have the inspiration and desire for warmth with ambience.

Fire has a constantly primordial attraction whilst creating a warming sense of well-being. Focus is moving with the times to offer the best of this essential element with a safer and more sustainable solution by continually exploring new ideas.

Famous for their sculptural shape, Focus has consistently revolutionised fireplaces over its 50 years of existence and is regularly specified by architects and interior designers in the UK and globally who are looking for modern designs with integrity and longevity.




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