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Trotec Laser: Providing Precision to your Prototype


Trotec is internationally recognised as the leading manufacturer of computer-controlled laser machines for laser engraving, laser cutting and laser marking.

Laser technology offers the highest level of precision when creating architectural models. With the ability to mark details as fine as 1 pt, a Trotec Laser aids in replicating even the most intricate of details. Filigree designs and the most detailed geometric shapes can be created to the nearest tenth of a millimetre due to the lasers ultra-fine beam, allowing you to work to the highest level of accuracy.

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Unlimited possibilities
A Trotec Laser can process with ease the wide range of materials used in the construction of architectural models including acrylic, laminates, wood, textiles, cardboard, foam, polystyrene, films and many more.

The patented flexx series of Trotec lasers enables the user to also mark metal by incorporating both fiber and CO2 laser sources in one job without the need to physically interchange tubes. The user friendly software, JobControl, enables the user to identify which sections are suited to fiber or CO2 simply by colour coding, saving both time and money.

A multitude of benefits over traditional tools
A Trotec laser offers a wide range of benefits over traditional cutting and engraving methods such as milling, plotting and sawing.  As the laser evaporates the material, no swarf or shavings are produced, reducing disposal costs. The beam remains ‘laser sharp’ and can process a range of materials in varying thicknesses and shapes without the requirement for many different tool heads. Thus reducing production time and eradicates sharpening costs.

A Trotec laser allows contactless material processing. No pressure is exerted on the material, reducing preparation time and the risk of damage, which is present when clamping material during milling. Laser cutting also produces crystal clear edges when handling acrylic, removing the requirement for manual flame polishing.

Our customers confirm that when cutting individual components using a Trotec laser, production times can be reduced by up to 80% compared to manual production methods. “The speed, quality of the finished product and efficiency are all far superior” confirms customer Phoebe Nickols, Architectural Assistant at Liddicoat & Goldhill.cutting-modelmaking-plastics-building-3Arrange a demonstration at one of Trotec’s seven regional showrooms throughout the UK and Ireland to experience the capabilities of a Trotec laser and find the system is as simple to operate as a printer. Visit www.troteclaser.co.uk or call 0191 580 1182.

A wide range of materials including laminates, wood and acrylic are also available from Trotec’s new engraving materials range at www.engraving-supplies.co.uk

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