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CHD – Get £250 worth of Wesco kitchen accessories for free when you purchase any kitchen with us before the end of January!


Contemporary home design brings you the best of German produced products at the most affordable prices. When you know it’s made in Germany you know its quality, German engineering is unbeatable and lasts for a life time. At CHD we have cherry picked our German brands to ensure we provide our customers a high end quality product with a great price. Luxury living doesn’t have to be expensive with CHD, you can still have the extravagance of luxury home interior at a reasonable price.

Our huge range of German kitchen brands include:- Schuller, Next125, Ballerina, Beckermann, Rational and Kuhlmann. You will not find any Kitchen studio in UK to have more than two German kitchen Brands under one roof – this is what makes CHD stand out from the rest.  A German kitchen is a kitchen for life, with a warranty provided by the kitchen manufacturer you have will have nothing to worry about.

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We are all different, and live in different ways, we have different tastes, ways of life, our personalities, our family, work, our friends… Therefore, each person, each couple and each family needs their own space, their own kitchen. Each of our projects is therefore different, for people with their own perspectives and specific requirements.

That is the reason why, instead of showing you collections from which to choose from, we show you an endless number of design and technical solutions to inspire you to create your own space, your own kitchen.

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CHD also offers exclusive bespoke made furniture for bedrooms and living rooms; part of the bedroom and living room range we have our Italian designer brand SMA Mobili. SMA Mobili is a leader in the furniture industry that uses the most advanced technology and qualified Italian and foreign designers.

Why not visit our website www.chduk.com or follow us on social media facebook.com/ashchd @chd_uk on Instagram for the latest news and updates on Contemporary home design.

With any kitchen purchased from now until the end of January 2016, you can get £250 worth of Wesco kitchen accessories of your choice and colour for free! Simply quote ‘ARCHD’ when you visit our showroom.

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