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Underfloor Heating CPD, discover the benefits.


With green energy high on the UK agenda, now is the time to understand the benefits of underfloor heating at the specification stage.
Suitable for all forms of construction it can be incorporated into any type of floor structure, it is therefore suitable for new-build, retrofit and refurbishment projects.
We offer a variety of underfloor heating CPD material on Electric and Wet underfloor heating systems and Frost Protection, designed to improve your professional knowledge and enable you to make decisions on the heat source for any building.

Our CPD session covers the following:

  • Structure – Floors, floor finishes and insulation
  • Space heating
  • Design of systems, construction and technology

We aim to provide all attendees with a detailed history of underfloor heating and frost protection systems and an overview of advances in the market. Attending the course will enable participants to understand the benefits of underfloor heating, the benefits over traditional radiator systems, energy efficiencies and environmental benefits.

Visit: https://www.gaia.co.uk/resource-centre/underfloor-heating-cpd/ and complete the contact form.
01359 242 400

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