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Following a hugely successful test market, Lakeland based EnviroHomes has launched an exciting new product onto the growing market for innovative vacuum insulation solutions.

At just 20mm the space saving Vacupor® panels are exceptionally slim, have a thermal conductivity of 0.005 W/mK (the lowest on the market) and deliver a U-value of 0.19 W/m²K on a standard cavity brick wall.

It is the only vacuum panel available in the UK with third party accreditation (from DiBt), having been tested using EN 12667 (the “hot” box test) for the thermal performance of building materials and products.

“This certification means Vacupor® is accepted under Building Regulations and by the NHBC.  The panels have an independently assessed Environmental Product declaration which gives zero ozone, depletion potential and <2 global warming potential”, said EnviroHomes director Simon Astill.

Vacupor® panels are made from fumed silica with a post pressing particle size of 7-40mm and a pore size of around 20µm.  That compares with open cell polystyrene foam which has a pore size of approximately 800µm – 40,000 times greater!

The accompanying illustration shows the spherical granules of fumed silica which deliver infinitely small contact points in conduction heat transition.

With cavities smaller than the path length of gas molecules the micro porous mixture inhibits movement of gas molecules which can barely activate each other.

By incorporating opacifiers – infrared absorbing and reflecting substances – Vacupor® panels also control the transition of radiated heat.

“Vacupor® is internationally well proven and state of the art yet it is technology new to the UK market,” said Mr. Astill.

“To encourage forward looking architects to embrace this award-winning product EnviroHomes is responding to demand and generating a free programme of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) as a service to architects,” added Mr. Astill.

Vacupor® panels from EnviroHomes were specified by B&Q when it won renewable innovations accolades in the environmental awards with an energy saving and carbon emissions reducing refurbishment of a Victorian terrace house.

EnviroHomes also supplied the project with a modular home office building within which a space-saving home hub was incorporated.  This “pod” was built in the EnviroHomes factory and transported to the house where it was installed and commissioned with minimal disruption.

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