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A new insulation product has been launched by Lakeland company EnviroHomes following a successful national test market which encompassed domestic, local authority and commercial properties.

Vacutherm uses the company’s Vacupor panel.  This is made of superfine fumed silica granules and silicates, plus opacifiers to minimise infrared radiation.  These are encased in a high barrier film wrap and can be as slim as 10mm, depending on the U-value required and are sandwiched between panels of gypsum based board which have high compressive strength and give a total product depth of 30mm-50mm.

Test installations demonstrated that Vacutherm is ideally suited to internal wall insulations.

Vacupor successfully passed stringent 30 year aging tests and has been used in buildings in 50 countries across the world since the 1990s.

Compliant with all relevant building regulations, it is the only vacuum insulation product on the market in the UK with third party accreditation.

Performance evaluations have shown that to achieve a U-value of 0.18W/m2K using insulation alone just 25 mm of Vacupor is required.

Comparative figures are 160mm for polyurethane, 200mm for expanded polystyrene and 245mm for fibreglass.

The resulting limited loss of space has proved particularly popular for internal applications.  Bespoke panels of the sandwiched Vacutherm are given polyurethane edges to facilitate jointing and wall fixing.

Making panels to order in the factory reduces time spent on site and prices for the Vacutherm are significantly less than available alternatives.