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Oasis Interior Landscaping


Oasis is an interior landscaping company, specialising in live and artificial plant displays, of up to and in excess of  5 metres high,including  artwork, fresh flowers and exterior grounds maintenance.

For 18 years we have offered the UK a premium rental and maintenance service for plant displays. We cater for most environments including; offices, car showrooms, schools, colleges, universities, hotels, shopping mall`s etc. To find out more please visit www.oasisinteriorlandscaping.co.uk or email info@oasisinteriorlandscaping.co.uk.

Product Information

Plant Displays Benefits

Satisfied employees are more effective.

University studies have shown that;

• Plants can help people produce 15% more ideas and innovations.

• Reported health problems were 25% lower in the group with plants.

• Reaction times were improved by up to 12% in the planted workplace.

• Plants help reduce VDU eyestrain.

Staff feel good factor improves with plants.

• Plants contribute to humidity.

• Plants help clean toxins from the air.

• Provides a healthier atmosphere.

Rental including a full maintenance service is offered giving total peace of mind and regular attention resulting in healthy attractive plants. In the unlikely event of a plant dying, our maintenance team will replace it free of charge, when on a maintenance contract.


Our artwork range is diverse and unique. Items are available to compliment any environment.  Whatever “feel” you are trying to create, our sales team will work with you closely to achieve the required aura.

Fresh Flowers

The fresh flowers service is available on a weekly basis, and can be tailored to suit your office/reception colour scheme. Displays range from very small displays, to impressively sized arrangements.

Exterior Grounds Maintenance

We also offer a high quality exterior grounds maintenance service. It is our belief that having just the offices looking good is not enough. The exterior of any workplace should give an excellent first impression to any visitors, and so we include in our grounds maintenance service grass cutting, weeding, hedge trimming, litter picking, leaf sweeping and much more.




Tel- 01270 750574

Fax-01270 759105