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Vantage® PPS Launched New Fire Safe Single Source Wall Solution for All Applications


Paroc Panel System in collaboration with BTS Facades & Fabrications, has launched Vantage® PPS – a fully certified single source full wall system – an all-in-one solution, which facilitates installation twice as fast as a comparable built-up system.

The Vantage® PPS is a class-leading non-combustible (Euroclass A2-s1,d0) sandwich panel with a structural non-combustible (Euroclass A1) stone wool core, combined with the CWCT tested Vantage® SF Rainscreen front face, tested to the tested to the latest BS8414-2:2020 standard.

Vantage® PPS system offers a number of benefits: its long-spanning capabilities reduces the need for secondary galvanised steel purlins for significantly faster construction times, reduced material use and potential cost savings. It also offers reduced cold bridging, excellent acoustics and, with panels from 80mm to 300m, a wide choice of thermal insulation options and U Values are available.

Specifically, the collaboration brings the air and water-tight structural support base of Paroc Panel System panels, manufactured using AST® Technology to ensure their high tensile strength, reliable longevity, and fire resistance to the BTS Vantage® SF Rainscreen range, itself CWCT tested and provides the ultimate design flexibility.

The Vantage® PPS system is ideal for a wide range of construction applications, including data centres, retail developments, leisure, and other commercial buildings where a fast, fire-safe, water-tight solution is required to be installed.

For details about the Vantage® PPS system panel visit https://www.parocpanels.com/en-gb/news/2020/vantage-pps
or contact:

Paul Kinsey, UK Representative T. +44 (0)7876 563 175

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