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Varia Textile Ltd


Whether as a room divider, curtain or cladding of the external facade, our ring mesh simply enchants everyone with its unique sheen. The material is particularly flexible and can be joined together seamlessly, so that almost any dimension can be produced. Special highlights can be set with light effects. Basically, all our metal ring mesh consists of individually welded stainless steel rings that are interwoven with four neighboring rings, so that a very flexible, very stable, rust-free, shiny mesh is created. Your creativity knows no limits.
“Put it in the right light”

It all depends on the lighting: Various lighting techniques can be used to achieve a wide variety of effects on the fabric. Alternatively, advertising texts or logos can be projected onto the ring mesh.
The shiny stainless-steel mesh creates a simple, modern and at the same time elegant room atmosphere. With our room dividers you can design and divide your living room, office or reception area individually. In addition to the practical division of a room, our room divider gives your interior a unique charm and is therefore a real designer piece

Varia Textile Ltd
197 Kingsroad
Kingston upon Thames

Tel: +44 20 8549 8590
mob: +44 7880 743 013


WhatsApp: +44 7880 743 013

For any questions please contact our Internet office at lavinia@laviniaweb.de

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