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Vectaire ventilation products ensure fresh air is brought into the home and stale air removed


Never has indoor air quality been more important.  Reducing the spread of covid-19 in the home is vital.  Virus transmission occurs more readily inside than out. Inadequate ventilation and insufficient fresh air allow pathogens to build up, increasing the likelihood of infection. Government advice is for enclosed areas to be regularly ventilated (mechanically or by letting in fresh air).

This can reduce infections by over 70%. Vectaire ventilation products ensure fresh air is brought into the home and stale air removed. Control condensation and extract pollution (and pathogens) continuously at really low noise levels, and very economically, with one product whilst ensuring that heat loss is minimal – the Vectaire Midi, Maxi and Maxi Plus MVHRs with integral acoustic attenuation do all that.  Installation on wall, in cupboard or loft is simple – nothing extra required other than the unit itself.

There is a variable choice of trickle, boost, and purge speeds. These “BY-AT” models incorporate summer bypass and frost protection, with commissioning via touch screen. Performances are between 14 l/sec to 238 l/sec.  Sound levels have been BRE tested. They are SAP PCDB listed and have been manufactured in our own UK factory to ISO9001.

They are the solution to reduced noise and increased ventilation is residential properties. Also, in Vectaire’s range are single room, continuous running, three speed, extract fans providing low level ventilation to any room in the house.  They are particularly suited for use in toilets, bathrooms, en-suite bathrooms, kitchens, or utility rooms – anywhere steam or odours are generated.  These EL1003s or ELX1003s can be fitted into wall or ceiling using short or long lengths of ducting, are also SAP PCDB listed and have very low running costs.

Contact details would be Tel: +44 1494 522333:  sales@vectaire.co.ukwww.vectaire.co.uk

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