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Want to build a healthier building that also performs better? Re-think your insulation.


Hemspan® is dedicated to changing the harmful and unhealthy methods used in constructing buildings. We are developing environmentally responsible products and elevating the standards of what an eco-home could be. We have numerous development projects underway which we invite you to journey with us and see how beautiful and technically advanced our zero-carbon homes will be. These homes will be fully insulated with our new line of hemp-based insulation products which are now available for pre-order in two options, Bio Wall and Bio Flex.

Both insulations can fully replace polystyrene, glass or mineral wool insulations and are made from technical hemp fibres. They include low water vapour diffusion resistance material, hygienically safe properties, excellent thermal insulation and can adapt to the most complicated construction shapes with easy and fast assembly. The Bio Wall can provide higher bulk density and its semi-rigid properties allow for use in external contact system of walls and panelling. Also great for flat roof insulation, both the Bio Wall and Bio Flex are available in 50mm or 100mm thickness. For full technical data and specifications, visit our site.


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