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Wavin Makes the Sustainable Case For Recycore Technology


To meet the growing customer demand for more sustainable solutions and greener products, the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of plumbing, rainwater and drainage systems Wavin has invested a further £1.1 million in its Recycore® Technology, an innovative and state-of-the-art manufacturing process developed to reduce the use of virgin materials by using at least 50% recycled content.

Wavin is already one of the biggest European users of recycled plastic and, with an increased investment in Recycore® Technology, the company ensures a reliability of supply and expects to take many more thousands of tonnes out of the waste stream.

“This investment in a multi-layer extrusion line allows more agile manufacturing and builds upon our current capability,” commented Mike Shaw of Wavin. “Recycore® Technology allows customers to enhance their sustainability credentials at no extra cost. It will also future-proof them against further changes in regulations as concern for the environment rises up the political, business and consumer agenda.”

Recycore® Technology enables Wavin to utilise as much recycled material as possible, yet ensuring the same high performance and handling characteristics that customers of its virgin products have come to expect. This reflects the growing consumer demand for more sustainable solutions and greener products, that is, ones that can be more easily recycled or are themselves made from recycled materials or, better still, a combination of the two. Recycore® Technology products are tested to industry standards and, where applicable, will be third party approved, through schemes such as the BSI Kitemark.

Wavin has been providing high quality plastic pipes and fittings to the building industry for over 60 years through tried and tested brands such as OSMA and Hepworth. Its 110mm and 160mm soil and drain pipes have a reputation for high levels of performance, quality and usability and were the first products to be manufactured utilising Wavin’s new Recycore® Technology process.

This means that Wavin can offer the same high standards but from a pipe that is made with at least 50% recycled PVC content. Other than its dark middle layer of recycled material the pipe looks, feels and performs exactly the same as its predecessor. Recycore® Technology is available across Wavin’s OSMA, Hepworth and Certus brands in a range of colours.

With customers under increasing pressure to use more recycled materials and to lower their carbon footprint, Recycore® Technology has sustainability at the root of its design and means that they get all the environmental benefits without any compromise on quality, performance and durability.

Sustainability has always been an important business driver for Wavin and along with Recycore® Technology, Wavin will continue to invest heavily in research and development to bring yet more sustainable products and processes to market.


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