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The Living Wall market is growing and which system to specify can be a minefield for architects and designers. Smartscape’s Living Wall Fytotextile® system is constructed of flexible multi-layer modules that are connected to a timber or metal framework fixed to a supporting wall or created as freestanding installations. The Fytotextile modules consist of a matrix of pockets for plants, where they are planted including their own growing medium, facilitating healthy plant growth and development.

What are the benefits of the Fytotextile living wall system?

  • Flexible – it can be applied to any surface, flat, curved or on an angle – interior or exterior, from walls to columns, no surface is a challenge.
  • Lightweight – at 35kg per square meter fully planted and watered
  • Fytotextile is the lightest living wall system in the UK.
  • Fytotextile is STRONG it carries up to 530kg per square meter in stress tests.
  • 10 Year Warranty when maintained by the Smartscape team.
  • Aerated construction for the optimum plant health.
  • Planted in situ, installation is quick, plants can be chosen to develop over time or LARGE for instant impact.
  • Irrigated using Smart Green Technology with good accessibility for straightforward and time efficient maintenance.
  • Both standard and bespoke panel sizes are available.
  • Fytotextile carries robust and safe Fire retardancy credientials, Euroclass B-s2,d0.

Contact us for to book Living Wall CPD and learn more about the benefits of specifying Fytotextile for your projects enquiries@scotscape.co.uk www.scotscape.co.uk


The Smartscape team installs innovative greening solutions for the creation of new urban green infrastructure throughout our towns and cities. Environmental sustainability is at the forefront of what we do to enrich local biodiversity and improve air quality. With exceptional greening solutions we enable our clients to be more competitive, improve local wellbeing and maintain their reputations as prime locations to live and work.

From living walls, living pillars and green streets our product range and horticultural knowledge can support architects and designers to meet the demand for increased green infrastructure and sustainable healthy cities. The Smartscape Living Wall system is rated Class 0 for fire retardancy, qualifying this as an excellent vertical greening choice for robust safety.

Contact us today to book CPD on cpd.training@scotscape.co.uk or call 0208 254 5000 to discuss your project with our team. scotscape.co.uk

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