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Roofing & Cladding Waterproofing

Winter Gardens, Blackpool


Blackpool’s notorious climate and the seafront location of the historic Winter Gardens venue has resulted in the specification of a Sika Liquid Plastics Decaflex roofing system.
A national treasure since the opening of its doors in July 1878, the venue has grown and adapted alongside the seaside resort’s thriving demand for leisure and tourism. Renowned for its architectural prowess and art-deco inspired construction, the venue has for years provided an atmospheric setting for performers and audiences alike, from holiday makers through to international stars of stage, screen and radio including legendary musicians such as the Beatles, Queen and Oasis.

A total of 400sq m of Decaflex 10 is now keeping the iconic building safe from the prevailing coastal winds and rain that goes with its exposed position. The system’s fast curing nature and its ability to rapidly become resistant to rain damage proved fundamental during the installation process in this coastal location. These attributes were welcomed by roofing contractors, Cumbria Contract Ltd.

During the specification, the Sika Liquid Plastics Technical Services Team conducted wind uplift calculations to ensure the building, and importantly its roof, would be able to resist rapid changes in weather. As a result, the Decaflex 10 system was chosen for its elasticity and excellent thermal and UV stability and was specified to replace the existing asphalt roof, which was starting to fail with cracks and water pools appearing over collapsed parts of the roof.

Installed in Dark Grey, the system provided a similar look to the previous coating, helping to maintain the original look of the iconic building as well as delivering a solution to the intricate edge detailing. Extremely high footfall at the venue’s high street location and a limited access to parts of the roof created the need for a system where disruption to business could be kept to a minimum and potential fire hazards could be reduced. The system’s cold application was the ideal solution.

What’s more, the client received a 10-year product guarantee for the Decaflex 10 system, which provides protection from risks including wind uplift – a key concern for this vulnerable site.