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Wood floor finishes – aesthetics and performance


The client wanted a light, non-yellowing, natural surface to the oak floors in this London property. To deliver the required effect, a combination of Bona White primer and Bona Traffic Natural polyurethane lacquer was applied.

Depending upon how many coats are applied, Bona White primer is designed to ‘whiten’ the surface from – as in this one coat application – simply providing a subtle pale sheen that will inhibit yellowing over time, to a true whitewashed look when two or more coats are applied.

Bona Traffic Natural was chosen as the top coat because it maintains the non-yellowing look and feel of pure, untreated wood and, at the same time, offers superior surface durability.

There are six Bona primers offering a choice of colouration from Scandinavian white to rich amber. Using a primer as the initial surface coating is more economical than adding an extra lacquer coat. Like all Bona coatings, Bona primers are very easy to use, reduce side bonding and improve the adhesion of the lacquer.

There are six Bona waterborne top coats to offer you a solution for every environment, whether you are looking for a matt or glossy finish, a natural, untreated look, anti-slip properties or supreme surface durability.

Low VOC Bona primers and lacquers meet the stringent Greenguard emissions standards and all packs carry the Greenguard logo. The global Greenguard Certification programme helps buyers identify products and materials that have low chemical emissions and therefore improve the quality of the air where they are used.

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