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WuduMate – for safe and comfortable Wudu at home and at the mosque


 This recent WuduMate installation in a Sheffield Mosque is an example of a modern, stylish and hygienic setting for Wudu, the Islamic ritual of pre-prayer ablution. It offers the option of either seated or standing ablution to cater for each worshipper’s preference based on their choice of attire.

Equally stylish and increasingly popular among Muslims, is the installation of a single WuduMate ablution appliance in home bathrooms, neatly fitted in as part of a bathroom refurbishment.

Muslims should pray five times a day and perform wudu beforehand. While congregational prayer is mostly preferred, sometimes it is not possible to attend the Mosque for prayers, for example due to sickness or incapacity, work requirements, or because of needing to care for young children or elderly relatives. In these instances, a WuduMate facility in the home would provide a comfortable means of performing wudu.

In issue 60 of Archetech magazine we highlighted both the benefits of effective diversity and inclusion policies, and our work supplying ablution products for prayer and multi-faith rooms in the workplace and in schools. WuduMate is a market-leading quality brand. Our products are available worldwide and suitable for use in religious, corporate, municipal and domestic settings.

For more information, please visit https://wudumate.com

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