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Zumtobel Lighting returns for upgrade on original installation – 12 years on


Zumtobel has supplied a lighting upgrade for Southwark Council’s office headquarters at 160 Tooley Street, London SE1, renewing the original installation they supplied 12 years ago. A variety of Zumtobel’s luminaires have been installed and include, LINCOR, SLOTLIGHT infinity, MELLOW LIGHT infinity, LINETIK, PANOS infinity, LINARIA and VIVO, with a planned upgrade of Zumtobel’s existing LITENET lighting controls. The new luminaires have been integrated with the existing TECTON continuous-row lighting system. TECTON is a system that copes effortlessly with various lighting requirements, both at the time it is installed and for future changes. The TECTON trunking forms the functional backbone of the system, it’s a simple matter of replacing or adding lighting modules, light sources or optics as required.

160 Tooley Street is part new build and part refurbishment. Wedged between narrow urban side-streets, a raised railway viaduct, and existing Victorian buildings, 160 Tooley Street provides over 205,000sq ft. of prestigious office accommodation.

Zumtobel produced a range of special length LINCOR luminaires for suspension in the office areas to deliver high visual comfort with superior and independent direct/indirect illumination. The downward LED light points are first homogenised in a primary mixing chamber, after which the light is directed to the task areas with perfect glare control. The scheme has been designed with flexible suspension positions to match exactly with the pre-existing FREELINE luminaires, the cable entry has also been positioned to be identical.

SLOTLIGHT infinity and SLOTLIGHT infinity DI also illuminate the offices providing soothingly pure light from uniform light lines. SLOTLIGHT infinity produces excellent lighting effects and uniform light distribution, with no distracting reflectance or glare and on the fifth floor is installed in a 60m continuous length. SLOTLIGHT infinity has been used in conjunction with MELLOW LIGHT infinity, which offers direct light that is perfectly complemented by the diffuse element that radiates from the outer wings to brighten the ceiling and the room, ensuring ergonomic and glare-free working light.

LINETIK free-standing luminaires with an optical system, use minimal energy to deliver a precise light distribution. They have been utilised in the offices for areas where the architecture prohibits a more conventional approach to the lighting installation. The light is directed exactly where it’s required, without the inconvenience of glare and ensuring complete uniformity. The reflector for the direct light output delivers the exceptional uniform illumination over the workplace.

The corridors are illuminated with a combination of PANOS infinity downlights, LINARIA batten light line luminaires and VIVO LED spotlights. With its wide range of models, PANOS infinity meets the challenges of applications with brilliance – from homogeneous illumination of vertical or horizontal surfaces to emphasising highlights.

LINARIA is available in various lengths from 600 – 1800mm that can be joined to form light lines. Easy to handle, the converter is built into the luminaire for easy and straightforward installation. VIVO is impressively efficient: with luminaire efficiency levels of up to 88 lumens per watt, outperforming frequently used conventional spotlight technologies.

RESCLITE PRO anti-panic smart emergency lighting has been seamlessly integrated within the extrusion of the LINCOR luminaires to guide people quickly, logically and reliably in the event of an emergency.  Control over the open plan office area is via a central panel incorporating ED-SENS mini multi-sensor, a unit that combines the functions of an occupancy sensor and a receiver for the IRTOUCH infrared remote control.

Southwark Council are now in the process of upgrading Zumtobel’s existing LITENET lighting controls system. Thanks to the latest lighting controls solutions, without the need to change the hardware and through utilising existing PIRs, Zumtobel can enable digital services, now or in the future, for data analysis of space management and the use of energy consumption. Using Zumtobel’s LITENET lighting controls system is the key to being able to offer this type of digital service, where you can harvest digital data via the system. Through using this technology the ambient sensors enable numerous benefits which can include tracking movement, energy consumption, CO2 emissions, temperature, noise, air flow, amongst other items all translated via an App to the cloud.

For more information on Zumtobel and its products see the website https://z.lighting/en/zumtobel/

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