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Swallow EMP has helped a Northern Care home solve a mobility dilemma with their Stairclimber equipment. Grange Lea care home in Bolton called on the Stair Mate stairclimber to ensure the safe manoeuvring of the elderly residents who are wheelchair users when the lift broke down for a number of weeks.

Swallow EMP are specialists in disability aids that assist with the lifting and transporting of wheelchair users up flights of stairs in a variety of environments including health care and education. The Stair Mate is a portable, self-supporting powered wheelchair lift that has powerful motors to allow a load capacity of up to 160kg making it a perfect aid for everyday movement while providing emergency evacuation facilities.

Grange Lea care home is a purpose built residential home that caters for elderly adults with physical frailties or disabilities. As part of the Dignity Care Group, Grange Lea specialises in Alzheimers care and with the elderly age of the residents it is vital that the appropriate equipment is installed to ensure they can easily and safely move around the building.

When the lift started to become temperamental, the care home researched alternatives such as the powered stairclimbers which have both economical and logistical advantages over the conventional wheel chair lifts or elevators. When the care homes lift finally broke down, Swallow EMP loaned the home the Stair Mate on which the staff had already received operational training.

Cindy Holt of Grange Lea Residential Home commented, “We had already enquired into purchasing a stair climber when the lift at the home broke down. Swallow EMP loaned us a stairclimber within just 12 hours and fortunately we had already received training on operating the equipment in preparation for purchasing. Our lift was out of action for some weeks but the high-level of care was maintained with the help of the stairclimber thanks to its easy controls and reliability, the service users were also happy with the transport alternative. Having been recommended to us by a local company, I would not hesitate in recommending Swallow EMP to other care homes as their equipment and customer service is second to none.”

The Stair Mate is available in three versions with different load capacities and is portable with detachable support handles for easy compact storage near where it is required. The caterpillar tracks grips the stairs securely and there is a quick release safety belt for fast evacuation to maximise the safety of the user while the assistant is benefited with the elimination of manual handling and so the risk of back injuries is significantly reduced.

The battery pack of the Stair Mate has a substantial capacity that would be able to facilitate a constant evacuation of a 35 storey building making it a suitable option for a residence with multiple occupants. Whether used as the primary way for moving residents or as a back-up in case of lift failure or fire, the Stair Mate is an economical investment that ensures care homes meet the regulatory requirements for evacuation capability.

Further information is available from SwallowEMP on 0121 444 3690, by emailing info@swallowemp.com or by visiting the company’s website at www.swallowemp.com