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Brio Pivotfold For Pivoting Partitions


Brio, the leading manufacturer of interior and exterior folding door and window furniture has developed and manufactured a system for pivot folding top hung interior partitions that will be welcomed by architects, specifiers, architectural iron mongers and joiners.

Brio Pivotfold track systems are available in three weight capacities and enables an end folding internal partition to be designed using standard width door leaves with no cutting down of the leaf adjacent to the jamb.

Pivotfold 20kg is suitable for residential and light commercial pivot folding partitions. It offers a maximum leaf height of 2400mm x 9000mm width suitable for doors 35mm thick and over. Up to six leaves can be pivoted to each side of the opening. The leaves are hinged together to form one or two units of up to six leaves each, with each unit pivoted to one side of the opening. Wider openings may be catered for by including a four or six leaf unit ‘floating’ to either side of the opening.

Pivotfold 45kg is designed for residential and light commercial pivot folding partitions with a maximum leaf height of 3000mm x 900mm, also suitable for doors 35mm thick and over with a maximum of eight panels folding each way. The system incorporates a pivoted first panel, allowing all panels to be of equal size.

Pivotfold 75kg has a maximum leaf height of 3300mm x 900mm for heftier leaves of 44mm thick and more. All leaves being equal width, they can fold to one or both sides of the opening.

Pivotfold 45 and Pivotfold 75 offer door configurations of two, four, six or eight door leaves can be pivoted to each side of the opening. At the same time, the 21HP pivot set has been designed to locate into a discreet floor pivot socket for ease of installation.

In order to deal any width opening, any number of folding units can be used. In general, Brio recommends top hung hardware, but should the overhead support not be strong enough to carry the partition weight then a bottom roller specification is required, which Brio can provide.


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