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Class A1 Fire Rated membranes for Facades


Year after Year Fire episodes keeps happening in buildings all around the world.

In February this year, 2021, in the UK, it was approved a new £3.5bn funding in addition to the £1.6bn announced in 2020, to re-cladding buildings. It is estimated that 274000 flats are at risk due to dangerous/unsafe claddings.

It is imperious that the construction industry and façade community develop non-combustible (or limited combustibility) solutions for the entire façade composition, protecting building property and human lives. In the end, this subject is under employee and employer liability, individually and collectively.

TECHNOLOGY IS READY – Effisus has Class A1 fire rated membranes – Non-combustible membranes

Higher fire classification in accordance with the classification standard EN 13501-1


Effisus has product/systems available, knowledge, and past experience to cooperate on a project-by-project basis with architects, façade consultants, contracts, developers, building contractors, building control, and building insurers. Effisus is involved in several projects ongoing in UK and Ireland, as well as others areas in Europe and the Middle East.


  • Breather and AVCL membrane systems are facade liners (opaque areas) with severe impact on façade fire propagation – externally and internally
  • Vertical & Horizontal connectivity
  • It should be specified non-combustibility or limited combustibility with minimum Class A2-s1, d0 on BS EN13501-1.
  • Tapes, adhesives and sealants should be tested and certified as part of membrane system always replicating the end use.


Picture 2: Fire Propagation on Facades




Picture 3: Breather FR – External

Picture 4: Vapour FR – Internal

  • Fire Reaction Class A1 (Membrane);
  • Fire Reaction Class A2-s1, d0 (System);
  • CE Marking;
  • Full envelope system (external + internal);
  • All accessories tested and compatible:
    • Accessories included in the fire testing
    • Accessories compatible with different substrates
    • Same accessories (external + internal) – less complexity
  • 1 system provider = 1 weatherproofing design = 1 project warranty = quality control
  • Easy installation procedure = less errors

Pre-Fabrication Solutions for Facades

EFFISUS is, also focused on delivering a personalized and user-adapted product combined with a project-by-project approach. In each project, each detail is taken into consideration to drastically reduce the application time and human errors leveraging quality and efficiency. Some specific works are almost impossible to be correctly performed at the site and there are many external factors that condition the work and hinder the process, which puts at risk the final quality of the whole project.

Some specific works are almost impossible to be correctly performed at the site and there are many external factors that condition the work and hinder the process, which puts at risk the final quality of the whole project, as for example:

  • The impact of weather conditions at the site (rain water, cold temperatures, humidity;
  • Bad and not fixed workmanship;
  • Difficult access conditions or space available;

In order to prevent the previous problems, EFFISUS transfer most of the workmanship through the fabric, and has a Technical Support Team that works directly with the clients and partners, conducting site visits, carrying out design specifications, detailing services, ensuring every project compatibility to avoid future problems.

In facade projects, pre-fabrication solutions are used on the following applications:

  • Connections on ventilated facades typology;
  • Connections on curtain walls typology;
  • Connections on modular and off-site construction;
  • Sustainable Construction Projects.

The Effisus Ecofacade Pre-Fab System includes the following products:

Effisus Ecofacade Pre-Fab Corners: Effisus Pre-fab Corners are custom-made to the needs of each situation, which not only enormously increases the speed of application, but also improves the whole system’s sealing efficiency. Through this, the most vulnerable areas are transformed into the safest ones.

Effisus Ecofacade Pre-Fab Frames: With Effisus Ecofacade Pre-fab Frames, weatherproofing windows becomes an efficient and sustainable job. Not only is time saved, but also the probability of installation errors is reduced, special labor is reduced and performance is better assured than ever.

Effisus Pre-Fab TrueSeal: This solution has been developed to seal difficult facade 3D details, increasing the quality and predictability with less human error. Effisus Pre-Fab TrueSeal is the result of Hi-Tech EPDM/ TPE molding and vulcanization technology. In most cases, it is the combination of innovative products along with a different production methodology.


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