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Floors & Flooring

CPD Seminar from Bona


For architects involved in the specification of new wood floors or refurbishment projects, Bona offers a 40 minute seminar entitled “Specification of Finishes and Maintenance Products for Wooden Floors”. Covering three main areas, the first is Preventative Maintenance, which looks at design issues covering the layout of buildings, selection of flooring, matting and the long term view of the floor’s performance. Secondly a section on Specification examines a floor’s total life costs, and explains how to get the right specification to satisfy clients’ requirements with regard to colour, sheen, durability, anti-slip properties etc based on the environment and anticipated footfall. Finally a section on maintenance and refurbishment recommends how to plan maintenance and refurbishment programmes to keep the floors clean and looking good with minimal downtime or disruption.

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