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Deb’s Global Range; Universally Understood


Every day, every single employee is faced with a choice as to whether they use a skin care product or not.  We take a look at how the Deb Global Product Range has provided a simple, yet cost-effective solution to help employers and employees make the right choice.

With an approach to Product Development that focuses on both Chemistry & Dispensing Technology, the Deb Global Product Range was created to meet the specific skin safety needs and cultural diversity of both local and international organisations; showcasing Deb’s latest technologies, providing ‘best in class’ formulations and rigorously engineered dispensing systems.

Throughout many years of working with the users of their products and dispensing systems, Deb has gained a deep insight into the factors that affect skin care compliance; one of the key issues being to ensure that users know which product to use and how to use them.

Phil Spark, Marketing Director at Deb explains: “Our products are created with the final objective in mind – every person in the organisation doing the right thing with regard to skin safety.”

Spark continues: “Our aim is to ensure that our skin care products and dispensing systems are easily understood and easy to use.  As such, a combination of language neutral iconography, strong visual colours and clear, unambiguous wording has been applied across all products, dispensers and education materials to visually identify the product type and its usage.”

With Deb’s Product Development philosophy being to design products which are innovative; fit for purpose; pleasant to use; convenient; cost effective and tested to the highest internationally recognised protocols, the Global Product Range is a simple skin care solution that meets the universal needs of employees and visitors alike.

So, when your employees are faced with the choice as to whether they use a skin care product, help them to make the right decision by providing Deb’s simple solution!