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Elevate your outdoor kitchen game with a wood fired pizza oven


As the UK’s largest specialist pizza oven retailer, here at The Pizza Oven Shop we have an oven for almost every project, across seven truly amazing word-class brands.

We regularly work with architects, specifiers and landscape garden designers to offer a bespoke advisory service, which is designed to help you fulfil your client’s brief to a high standard, with the minimum of effort on your behalf. We will act as your experts, and we will make sure the oven you specify to your client is 100% the right one.

We have a large 10,500 sq’ft warehouse and showroom based in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire from which we dispatch ovens direct to customer’s homes across the length and breadth of the UK, so once an order is placed, you can leave it to us, safe in the knowledge that it will be delivered on-site, on time.

The brands we represent include Gozney, Clementi, Igneus, Igneus Ceramiko, Mila, Delivita and Ooni, and as most of these brands have several ovens to choose from, it’s easy to see why one call to us can save you hours and hours of time spent trying to find the correct oven for your project.

The most popular ovens we sell come in various sizes and fuel options and are detailed below;

The Igneus Ceramiko wood-fired pizza ovens

This is a wood fired range of ovens with four sizes available and is extremely popular choice for architects and landscape gardeners alike, as it offers professional grade cooking, in a traditionally styled oven, which can be finished externally to your customer’s exact requirements. For example, it can be rendered and painted, finished with a mosaic tile effect, or even built entirely into a wall (just like James Martin’s oven on Saturday morning). All of the Igneus Ceramiko ovens (apart from the smallest version the 600) can be built indoors or outdoors. Top-tip: The wise choice is the Ceramiko 1000 as it cooks up to 4 pizzas at once and is exceptionally good value for money.

Clementi Outdoor wood or gas fired pizza oven range

Clementi have been building pizza ovens for well over 40 years and are well established as one of Italy’s premium pizza oven manufacturers. Their range is stylish, practical (it comes in three sizes) and offers premium performance without having to spend premium money. Most specifiers buy the Family version as it will sit into an outdoor kitchen counter-top setting and is available as a wood only or wood and gas multi fuel option. Top tip: By far the most popular size in the range is the 80×60 family which offers all the cooking space your client will need, in a very attractive looking oven design.

Gozney Dome multi-fuel outdoor pizza oven

The Gozney Dome is a total re-think on what an outdoor pizza oven looks like and can do. Its modern design has been refined by the Gozney engineers to produce a first-class cooking experience, yet it is designed with the future in mind. You can cook with wood, or gas and wood, and future innovations will include a steam function for baking and a smoker function to slow-smoke food such as meats and fish. Top tip: Totally versatility is the name of the game here but be aware it is a one pizza at a time sized oven.

Igneus wood fired pizza oven range

The Igneus pizza oven range is one of the most popular oven choices because it represents exceptional value for money, whilst offering up superb cooking performance. The range features four serious contenders for installation into a garden, ranging from the Bambino (one pizza at a time), the Classico and Pro 600 (two pizzas at a time) up to the Pro 750 (four pizzas at a time), all of which will cook a delicious stone baked pizza in around 60-80 seconds. Top tip: Upgrading to the Pro range is well worth considering as they are built for absolute premium performance.

Delivita wood or gas fired oven range

Until very recently, Delivita had just one oven size available. The original Delivita is a stunning wood fired pizza oven, which, from a design perspective is one of the best-looking ovens we sell, but it is quite small. However, the recent launch of the Delivita Pro oven has changed all that. The Delivita Pro is a large capacity (four pizzas at a time) wood and gas fired oven, which looks amazing, and has totally changed the Delivita range offering. Top tip: If the budget allows, go for the Delivita Pro as its larger size is a game-changer for Delivita.

One call will sort it all

Because there are so many pizza oven options available from which to choose, one phone call to us can help you narrow down your options in a matter of minutes, as our team of experts know all of the ovens we sell inside-out, so they will be able to confidently point you to the correct oven choice.

We are open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday, but we also take calls over the weekend. So if you have a client brief for an outdoor kitchen area sat on your desk, just call us on 01423 608648 and we can help solve the problem for you.

Visit www.thepizzaovenshop.com for more information on our oven ranges.

Web link: www.thepizzaovenshop.com

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