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Oscar Evo-Blade – The elegant knife-edge ceiling trim with a difference


Oscar Evo-Blade transforms bulky ceilings into stylish, wafer-thin surfaces, providing dramatic shifts in height and sharp recessed lighting features.

The Oscar Evo-Blade was developed by Oscar Acoustics to overcome many of the problems commonly associated with rival products, such as cracking and air filtration.

Typical razor edge trims can develop cracks in the skim layer of plaster and bands of discolouration, caused by sudden depth changes between the plaster and trim. Oscar’s Evo-Blade avoids both of these issues by allowing the plasterboard to run right up to the ceiling edge, ensuring a smooth and flawless finish every time.

Oscar Acoustics developed the patented Oscar Evo-Blade razor edge trim to overcome many challenges usually associated with rival ceiling trims, such as air filtration, discolouration and cracking.

Oscar Evo-Blade transforms bulky ceilings into stylish, wafer-thin surfaces in high-end homes and luxury commercial settings.

Oscar Evo-Blade knife edge trim is perfect for high-end homes and luxury retail and hospitality settings

Infinity ceilings with exceptional sound absorption

Designed and manufactured in Great Britain, the Oscar Evo-Blade works seamlessly with a variety of configurations, from regular plasterboard and plaster to acoustic sprays and plasters such as Oscar Elite and SonaSpray. These ranges of fire rated architectural acoustic finishes by Oscar Acoustics, absorb sound energy instead of reflecting it, enabling designers to create beautiful, calm and inviting spaces that sound as good as they look.

The Evo-Blade’s shallower angle means it is invisible, adding to the infinity ceiling illusion and creating dramatic transitions between ceiling heights, recessed lighting channels and feature light rafts.

Oscar Evo-Blade and Oscar Elite in La Dame de Pic, Four Seasons Hotel, London.
Credit to Aukett Swanke Clarke Saunders Acoustics

Evo-Blade for elegant, recessed lighting channels
Whilst most other ceiling trims on the market have been designed by lighting manufacturers to work with their own lighting systems, which are often relatively expensive and incompatible with others, Oscar Evo-Blade works with almost any inexpensive off-the-shelf lighting strips.

The Evo-Blade also assists in minimising unwanted shadows and reflections when being used as part of a feature light channel or feature lit ceiling edge.

Benefits of the Oscar Evo-Blade include:

  • No cracking or discolouring of ceilings.
  • Designed to work with acoustic and non-acoustic products for a long-lasting finish.
  • Its shallower angle creates an infinity ceiling illusion.
  • No restrictions on the designer to use a particular lighting system.
  • Multiple aligning slots for perfect corners and straight runs.

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