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Heating & Ventilation

Holiday Cottage, Swanage, Dorset


Holidaymakers staying at a newly renovated holiday cottage in Swanage, Dorset, will reap the benefits of renewable energy from Danfoss’ most innovative air source heat pump.

The property, a former barn with a Corfe stone slate and timber construction, is located off the gas grid and the owners were reluctant to consider oil as a heating source due to its fluctuating price levels and need to regularly replenish the tank. Owner Catherine Mittins instead approached Dorset-based renewable energy specialist NGPS to discuss the possibilty of fitting an air source heat pump.

NGPS recommended a Danfoss DHP-AQ air source heat pump, which has a high seasonal performance, contemporary aesthetics and low noise levels. The company specified a 9kW system, which would work in conjunction with a 10 kW solar photovoltaic system on the roof, offsetting a large proportion of the heat pump’s electricity costs.

Catherine Mittins, homeowner, said: “It just made perfect sense to us to fit a renewable heat pump system. NGPS recommended the Danfoss DHP-AQ and we liked the look of this heat pump which did not detract from the aesthetics of the building. We were keen to get away from oil and it means the running costs for the heat pump over the year will be relatively low. We are delighted with the system and now have a very desirable and sustainable holiday cottage.”

NGPS installed the cottage with underfloor heating to both the ground and first floors, as well as a hot water cyclinder. The Mittins were able to take advantage of the Renewable Heat Premium Payment, which provides £1,250 towards the cost of the heat pump. Subject to eligibility, they may also be able to apply for payments through the Renewable Heat Incentive for domestic users when it is released in the spring.

Danfoss2Nick Good, owner of Danfoss approved installer NGPS, said: “It was a very simple decision for the homeowners to opt for air source heat pumps with this property. As it is in a remote off-gas location, the running costs with oil would have been extensive, however they can be assured that they are doing their bit for the environment and keeping their energy bills down with their heat pump.”

Chris Dale, Director of Danfoss Ltd, said: “There are many holiday cottage owners in ‘off-gas’ areas who are switching to heat pumps to provide a more sustainable and affordable heating system for the future. Heat pumps create a very comfortable environment in a home and mean that owners do not have to be concerned about expensive energy bills.”

The DHP-AQ air source heat pump from Danfoss has a compact, modern design so it fits just as easily with contemporary, new build properties, as with historic renovations where aesthetics are essential.

Mr and Mrs Mittins will also benefit from the market-leading seasonal performance of the DHP-AQ, as it operates at temperatures as low as -20°C. The pump achieves this via a unique system which constantly controls and optimises three key parameters in the product: airflow (efficient variable speed EC fan), the refrigerant circuit (electronic expansion valve) and heat distribution (OPTI technology).