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Interface Europe reaches sustainability milestones, achieving 90% carbon reduction


World’s largest carpet tile manufacturer achieves 100% renewable energy, virtually zero water in manufacturing and zero waste to landfill at its European manufacturing facility in The Netherlands.

In pursuit of its pledge to eliminate any negative impact it has on the environment by 2020, Interface, a leading carpet tile manufacturer and environmental pioneer, has reached a series of major sustainability milestones at its European manufacturing facility in Scherpenzeel, The Netherlands.

As of January 2014 the company has been operating with 100% renewable energy (both electricity and gas), using virtually zero water in its manufacturing processes and has attained zero waste to landfill.

Interface started its Mission Zero journey in 1996 and by 2013 it had reduced its GHG emissions by 80% and water use by 87% in Europe. The company has recently introduced several innovations that are significantly reducing its impact on the environment further still, achieving 95% water reduction and 90% carbon reduction from January 2014. For example, the company has recently switched to green gas in Scherpenzeel, which is created by anaerobic digestion of fish waste. The other main innovation has been a water recirculation system through closed loop piping.

Commenting on Interface’s achievement Rob Boogaard, CEO of Interface in Europe said, “In the past three years we have taken huge strides towards our Mission Zero goal. To put it in context, as per January 2014, we are operating our European factories with a 90% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to 1996 while the EU Commission has set an EU carbon reduction target of 40% by 2030. 2014 is a landmark year for us in many ways as we celebrate 20 years of Mission Zero, and these figures from our European manufacturing operations show just how far we’ve come and what can be achieved with the right mind set and ambition.

“However, while our achievements are to be celebrated, this is certainly not a time to be complacent. For us, Mission Zero is not simply about reducing our own direct impacts – it’s also about taking full responsibility for the entire lifecycle of our products. Our goal is to cut the umbilical cord to oil, with the result that 44% of our raw materials in Europe are already recycled or bio-based. We’ve come a long way but our Mission continues.”