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Fire Protection & Prevention Safety & Security

Rolling Fire Curtain ‘Fibreroll EW120’


Bolton Gate Company, the acknowledged leader in the field of rolling fire door technology, is pleased to introduce the enhanced design Fibreroll EW120 Rolling Fire Curtain.

Specified by leading Architects, and used in many prestigious public venues & workplaces, the Fibreroll is compact and simple to operate and offers the latest technical specification available in fire safety, providing a cost effective and flexible design solution.

Rigorously tested to industry standards, and fully compliant with the latest BS & EN classifications, the Fibreroll EW120 provides not only 2 hour fire integrity between fire compartments, but is now manufactured with an innovative reflective coating giving a radiated heat reduction to such a large extent that it meets the requirements of EN 13501-2. Offering major advantages over existing designs, the reflective coating ensures that the radiation transmitted through the curtain remains below 15 kW/m², protecting people and products in the vicinity.

Bolton Gate Company designs, manufactures and installs the product, offering a “one-stop-shop” product solution to suit your specification.

  • Fire tested to EN 1634-1.
  • Withstands temperatures in excess of 1000 degrees C.
  • 2 hour fire integrity between fire compartments.
  • Radiated heat reduction to EN13501-2 – below 15 kW/m²
  • Available in large sizes up to 30 metres wide by 6 metres high.

Further information, including NBS documentation, CAD drawing, and Product Data Sheet are available from our website – www.boltongate.co.uk