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It’s your summer – claim it back!


Whatever the 2014 British summer has in store (sunshine, monsoon, heat wave or unexpected snow) make sure you take it back!

Too many people lose valuable social and relaxation time in their own gardens, and not just because of the weather.

All the little ‘niggles’ that leave our garden in a not too pretty state cause us to shy away from barbecues, avoid parties and set the sun-lounger up next door!

Instead of spending the holidays on your knees pulling weeds from your patio joints, cleaning off stains (those barbecue sausages can damage your natural stone you know), and re-pointing with sand, why not just enjoy it? This is where i-fix® comes in – a range of driveway and patio repair products developed by a leading British manufacturer just for this purpose…to help you get your summer back.

Try applying Paving Sealer in your next available weekend. This water-based sealing solution is easily applied via watering can with rose, and will protect your paving from staining, loss of jointing sand and more importantly, weeds. When summer (finally) gets to us this year, you won’t be doing these jobs again.

Going the ‘whole hog’ and laying a new patio? That’s no issue either. Speedy Paving Grout is the perfect product for you. Recently only available for professional users, this product is now available to you for very speedy jointing. Simply mix with water, pour over (yes all over) your paving, wait about 10 minutes and wash off! The hotter the weather, the quicker it will dry. Even better news? It is unaffected by rain! Aside from a torrential monsoon, this grouting product can be used in the wet.

Visit www.youtube.com/DIYwithifix and see for yourself just how easy these products are to use.



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