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New Geberit Sovent fitting for optimised performance on high rises


Geberit, the market-leading manufacturer of piping and drainage solutions has introduced a flow-optimised fitting specially designed for high rise buildings.

Overcoming the often difficult problem and side-effects of rapidly changing pressure situations in conventional discharge stacks, the new Geberit Sovent fitting is a simple yet very effective drainage innovation, which causes water to rotate in the discharge stack, creating a continuous column of air in the centre.

With pressure compensation optimised, the discharge rate is increased enabling water to drain away effectively. In fact, the patented flow technology increases the discharge rate by a very significant 40 per cent.

Geberit2As well as being an extremely effective, reliable drainage method for high rise buildings, this clever solution also enables relatively small discharge stacks to be used, even in very high buildings, helping to keep costs to a minimum. Furthermore, the Geberit Sovent fitting eradicates the need to install a ventilating pipe – a measure that would otherwise be standard practice – thereby improving efficiency during installation too.

Geberit Sovent is available for discharge stacks with a diameter of 110mm or 160 mm. The fitting is manufactured from the resistant plastic HDPE and can be combined with Geberit Silent-db20 discharge pipes for optimum performance.


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