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Drainage & Plumbing

JTPump’s Sewage Pumping Stations


JTPump’s Sewage pumping stations and grey water pumping stations are ideal for use in areas where gravity flow is not available. Domestic sewage pumping stations come in all different sizes with single and twin sewage pumps handling 50mm solids. The domestic packaged sewage pumping station are designed to be Easy to install and come pre-assembled, and comply to  building regulations standards.

Building regulations insist on a minimum of 150 litre capacity per person per day for a main sewage pumping station with a 50mm solids handling sewage pump, which all our systems comply to.

Call 0844-414-5800 (Local call anywhere in the UK) or 0161-871-7498 from Mobiles for help and a Quote. Choosing the right Packaged Sewage Pumping Station can be Easy with a few simple Questions answered Call JTPumps today.


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