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Wellbeing in the workplace


Wellbeing is a bit of a buzz phrase at the moment: It covers health, happiness and what is generally good for us. Promoting it is crucial to office design and fit out as it’s proven that working in an optimum environment has a positive impact on productivity – happy members of staff make for better outcomes plus you’re more likely to retain key team players if you offer them an attractive working environment that meets all of their needs.

Considerations for wellbeing should cover everything from being warm enough or cool enough to whether the office décor is nice and bright and there are adequate break out areas and spaces to eat and relax in. In an open plan environment, for example, it’s really important to be able to offer workers a degree of privacy for when they are making important business calls or during break periods.

At Saracen Interiors, part of our role is to empathise with the needs of the client and work with the facilities and office managers to plan space around the various functions of the business. Our clients come to us because, as workspace specialists, we are expert at thinking around the structure of how the business is run and planning the space accordingly – ultimately, it’s our job to make space work and help to improve wellbeing in the workplace and so we have to climb into our clients’ skin to find out what works best for everyone.


Michael Page is joint managing director of leading workplace consultant, Saracen Interiors


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