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Marley Eternit’s fibre cement slates provide the perfect aesthetic for conservation area


Marley Eternit’s Rivendale fibre cement slates have been specified as a roofing solution for Hawkshaw Lodge, a former mill in Bury. With its market leading environmental credentials and aesthetic appeal, these slates ensured the project adhered to strict planning requirements stipulated for this conservation area.

Bleaklow Mill, a well known local landmark, has been redeveloped into 24 luxury apartments, nine of which are duplex. The planners requested the retention of the rear façade, which created an added challenge for the developers who worked hard to achieve a heritage look while blending old and new seamlessly.

David Walls, managing director of developers Cambrian Homes said: “The fact that this site is set in a green belt conservation area meant that the choice of materials was critical; we wanted a roofing material that would blend into the natural landscape. The local planners originally specified natural slate but, due to the site’s exposed positioning, we had concerns about the fixing. There were also additional worries about the irregularities inherent in natural slate.”

Marley Eternit’s Rivendale fibre cement slates provide the perfect alternative to natural slate, and boast excellent environmental credentials. Only Marley Eternit’s fibre cement slates are manufactured in the UK and can achieve an A+ rating (the lowest environmental impact) as defined in the BRE’s Green Guide to Specification*.

David added: “After hearing about the environmental benefits associated with fibre cement, the planners changed their mind about insisting on natural slate. Although we use Marley Eternit’s concrete tiles on our standard developments, for this project, the Rivendale fibre cement slates were aesthetically ideal as well as cost effective. Everyone is delighted with the end result.”

Charlotte Hughes, campaign manager for Marley Eternit, added: “When the developers approached us about Hawkshaw Lodge we were more than happy to advise them about the benefits of fibre cement – an increasingly popular material. Rivendale fibre cement slates are the perfect product choice when a developer needs to adhere to certain planning stipulations”.

Marley Eternit’s Rivendale slates provide a machine-made and consistently-sized product which reduces installation time as no sorting or grading is required on-site. These lightweight yet incredibly strong slates can also be installed at pitches as low as 20 degrees, providing contractors and specifiers with additional flexibility in terms of design and installation.

An extensive range of universal accessories are available to compliment Marley Eternit’s fibre cement range providing a stunning finish to any roof.  Hawkshaw Lodge specified the Dry Verge System to achieve a watertight, strong verge and the Universal RidgeFast to provide a ventilated dry ridge.

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*based on generic rating for UK produced fibre cement slates – (Element Ref: 812410008)