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Fire Protection & Prevention



As the only wireless fire alarm system with a three-year battery life specifically designed for construction sites, WES+ is again unique in being specifically engineered – and independently tested and approved – to comply with EN54 and therefore with the new Construction Products Regulation (CPR).

The risk of fire on construction sites is ever present, which is why more companies are investing in wireless emergency systems such as WES+. Comprising a  range of interconnecting radio units incorporating fire call points, active heat and smoke detection, and monitoring base stations, it protects both personnel and physical assets.

Development of WES+ represents an integration of Ramtech Electronics’ 25 years’ experience in radio technology and innovation combined with direct input from the construction industry.

Thousands of WES units are currently in use protecting key sites for over 75 percent of the UK’s top 100 construction companies. The technology has protected projects as diverse as the Leadenhall Building and Crossrail in London, Heathrow and Sellafield Power Station.

Paul Henson, Sales and Marketing Director at Ramtech Electronics, said: “WES+ offers a number of unique features, including an extended battery life of three-years. This reduces changeover times and therefore costs, whilst helping with Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) legislation.”

Being a wireless system makes WES+ easy to install, avoiding the need for specialist trades on site. It also allows the units to be easily repositioned as the construction schedule progresses. Once the project is complete, the WES+ units can simply be transferred to the next site, making it a very cost effective solution. Dual anti-tamper features and latest technology eliminates false alarms, whilst the silent test facility improves site efficiency.

An innovative new WES+ App facilitates advanced system reporting and configuration. Showing everything from weekly silent test results to system report information, the data can easily be exported and shared with other personnel. The WES+ app can be used on any Android tablet and is downloadable for free via Google Play.

“As a specialist in the wireless technology and construction sectors, we have designed and engineered WES+ with the specific aim of creating a world-leading radio-based fire safety system that meets the new CPR and EN54 standards,” said Paul Henson, Sales and Marketing Director at Ramtech Electronics. “WES+ has been developed with direct input from construction companies and because of that it is tailored to meet the needs of all aspects of modern construction activity.”

WES+ can be rented or bought outright as a complete system. It can be deployed as soon as the cabins are on site and the building is out of the ground.

To ensure your site has the best possible protection for workers and assets, whilst complying with the new EN54 standard, call the WES+ helpline on: 00 44 (0) 115 822 3424, or visit: www.wesfire.co.uk


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