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PAROC announces its new building information modelling (BIM) tool


The plug-in helps architects, specifiers and consultants save time when designing systems to protect mechanical piping, allowing them to configure the correct stonewool insulation for compliance with BS 5422.

With PAROC’s BIM Tool, designing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) and process industry installations has never been so easy.

Previously, each pipe had to be identified and analysed individually by taking its diameter, type of material, temperature of the transported medium and a number of other important criteria into account. This process took significant time and effort.

In response, PAROC set about designing a free to download tool to address these issues and maximise the potential of BIM for HVAC applications.

Using the PAROC Plug-In couldn’t be easier. The tool, which includes the readymade BIM product libraries, can be downloaded from Archispace via the Paroc website – www.paroc.co.uk. Once downloaded it can be installed directly into the Autodesk Revit BIM software application and immediately used to configure the correct pipe insulation for a project.

It identifies all the piping and ducting in a room and asks the user to specify the reasons why it needs to be insulated. Once this information has been analysed, the software then provides details about the correct thickness required and the recommended PAROC product to be used.

The PAROC Plug-In can help customers meet the scope of BS 5422, which is the industry standard for specifying the requirements for thermal insulating materials within a stipulated temperature range in a variety of applications.

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