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REHAU Launches New Pre-Insulated Header Pipe For Ground Source Heat Pumps


Polymer specialist REHAU has launched a new version of its pre-insulated RAUVITHERM pipework specifically for use as header pipe with ground-source heat pumps.

RAUVITHERM Cool is optimised for lower temperature applications than REHAU’s standard RAUVITHERM pipework and enables designers and contractors to put together schemes which are both energy and cost efficient.

Steve Richmond, Business Team Manager for REHAU’s renewable energy products, says that it is important to insulate header pipes for ground source heat pumps to avoid transmission between flow and return in narrow trenches, particularly between the manifold and the building.

The RAUVITHERM Cool solution uses cost effective PE 100 carrier pipe with a high quality PEX foam insulation to reduce these potential heat losses and to maximise the flexibility so that the pipe is easy to handle and bend on site.

RAUVITHERM Cool is manufactured at REHAU’s dedicated pipework production facility in North Wales, giving it a lower carbon footprint than pipework shipped from overseas, and is available in three of the most commonly used sizes – 40mm, 50mm and 63mm.

It is supplied complete with a robust LLD-PE outer jacket bonded to the insulation which ensures that it can withstand tough site conditions, and with high quality heat shrink end caps for making watertight underground connections.

The SDR 11 PE 100 pipework is available in 25 or 50m coils and can be used with SDR 11 electrofusion couplers.


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