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Small & Sleek: New Space Saving Towel Rail From Dimplex


Dimplex has added a new compact ‘flat’ towel rail to its range of space-saving bathroom heating products.

The chrome CPTF flat towel rail is just 400mm wide and 80-100mm deep, with shorter-length brackets for mounting close to the wall to provide a compact solution for warming towels in bathrooms and wet rooms where space is limited.

Despite its small size, the sleek and modern rail is easy to use, cheap to run and designed for drying multiple towels effectively.

The slim frame towel rail provides 100W drying and heating power and features a built-in temperature limiter and overheat protection control. It is compatible with the Dimplex radio frequency and FSC ‘runback’ towel rail controls to enable additional energy savings.

Simple and quick to install, the CPTF towel rail is IPX5 rated for use in wet areas and is BEAB approved.