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Evaluate building performance with easy-to-use data loggers


Understanding the indoor environment is key to achieving occupant comfort and optimum energy savings. Whether rooms are too hot or cold, how much energy is being used or what changes need to be made to a retrofit – all of these important questions can be answered with dedicated monitoring of indoor spaces. Tinytag data loggers record temperature, relative humidity, CO2 and more to enable comprehensive assessment of building performance in new-builds, historic properties and non-residential buildings.

Designed and manufactured in-house in Chichester, West Sussex, by Gemini Data Loggers (UK) Ltd. for over 35 years, Tinytag data loggers bring outstanding instrument reliability and impressive versatility to architects, builders and contractors seeking to monitor indoor spaces.

Data loggers in the Tinytag range measure temperature, relative humidity, and CO2 for comfort, energy and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring.

Energy, voltage and current data loggers are also available for directly assessing the performance of appliances and evaluating energy consumption.

Monitor thermal comfort levels, energy efficiency and more!

Tinytag data loggers are an essential tool for a range of building monitoring tasks, including mapping indoor temperature profiles, assessing the performance of building materials and evaluating appliance efficiency.

Assess the performance of heating and insulation

Tinytag temperature data loggers can be deployed inside and outside properties to assess ambient temperatures and evaluate heat retention. Data loggers with built-in sensors can monitor ambient temperatures, and data loggers with probes can be used to measure wall surface temperatures to analyse heat transfer rates. Temperature and relative humidity monitoring is particularly useful when retro-fitting historic buildings which fall short of modern living standards, providing evidence of what improvements are needed where.

Monitor IAQ for occupant well-being

Temperature, RH and CO2 data loggers can be used to monitor Indoor Air Quality and occupant comfort levels in domestic properties, schools and office buildings. Temperature data can help to assess thermal comfort levels, while relative humidity monitoring can pinpoint areas where there is risk of condensation and mould. CO2 monitoring goes hand-in-hand with temperature and RH monitoring to enable a full assessment of IAQ and identify changes that need to be made to protect the health of building occupants.

Evaluate the performance of buildings to Passive House standards

Building monitoring data can be used to support Passive House or other building standard certification. Temperature data loggers can be used to verify the performance of building materials, including natural heating and cooling mechanisms. Post occupancy building monitoring is facilitated by discreet, compact data loggers, enabling full assessment of building efficacy in lived-in conditions.

Improve energy efficiency in domestic properties and non-residential buildings

Temperature data loggers can directly assess the efficacy of heating and cooling appliances, with temperature probes available for monitoring in hard-to-reach places. For more specialised applications, energy data loggers are available for directly assessing the energy consumption of electrical appliances, helping to make informed energy savings. Before and after monitoring with data loggers can be used to quantify the effect of improvements made to buildings, such as improving insulation, installing triple glazing or replacing an appliance with a more energy efficient model.

Versatile indoor monitoring

Tinytag data loggers are stand-alone instruments that do not require wiring, enabling flexible placement anywhere that monitoring is required. They are small and portable, making them easy to transfer between monitoring locations if necessary, and are available in discreet grey that is ideal for longer-term, unobtrusive monitoring in occupied properties.

Data loggers with a variety of different features are available, so you can find the logger that’s right for your application and the needs of your monitoring site:

  • Display screens – enable spot-checking and real-time data readings
  • Large reading capacity and long battery life – ideal for monitoring over extended periods
  • Waterproof casing – robust units enable reliable monitoring in challenging indoor or outdoor environments
  • Probe compatibility – flexible monitoring in hard-to-reach places
  • Intuitive software – easily configure data loggers and view data

For more information on Tinytag monitoring solutions, get in touch with Gemini Data Loggers today. You can call us on +44 (0)1243 813000, email us at info@tinytag.info or visit our website www.tinytag.info.

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